Now there's an easy way to change a boat, car and truck engine oil.

Cars and Trucks Oil Change

The LiquiVac Oil Changing System for Large Projects and Engines makes car oil changes quick, clean and easy. This is especially true with hard to access drain plugs found in large engines. The LiquiVac innovative design makes it easier to change the oil in engines such as cars and trucks with inaccessible drain plugs. It works by creating negative pressure or vacuum power in the tank. Pumping the tank handle 40 strokes creates a powerful vacuum that it extracts the oil directly out through the dipstick tube. An average car or truck takes only 8 minutes to extract the oil, and without a mess. The Large Engine/Project Model comes with a special narrow suction hose to fit dipstick tubes of boats, cars, and light trucks. Plus, its tank has an 8 quart capacity allowing the user to make multiple oil changes of small engines too.