Harley Oil Change

Every Harley enthusiast has heard it a thousand times: “The oil is the lifeblood of your Harley engine.”
The key to keeping your hog running for years to come is to keep up with the motorcycle oil changes. Everyone knows that. The LiquiVac Oil Changing System is designed to make Harley oil changes cleaner and quicker, so now it’s easy to give your Harley the frequent oil changes it needs.

It’s Cleaner:
Your sweet Harley Davidson deserves more, and so do you. The last thing you want to do is spill oil all over the frame. By inserting the vacuum tube down the dipstick tube, you can avoid all the mess.
In fact, the LiquiVac’s vacuum power extracts the oil directly into LiquiVac’s holding tank. No oil is spilled on you. Or on your chrome. Or on your garage floor. Plus, the LiquiVac’s holding tank makes it easy to transport the used oil to your local recycling center.

Spend more time riding than changing oil:
There’s no need to waste riding time when you use the LiquiVac vacuum for your motorcycle oil change. With just a few pumps, the LiquiVac builds a strong vacuum, so that when you release of the clamp the oil is quickly sucked out for you.
Using the LiquiVac oil change vacuum system makes your Harley Davidson oil change so easy you’ll have no problem keeping up with the maintenance schedule. Performing frequent oil changes keeps your hog out of the shop, leaving you more time to ride – and that’s what it’s all about.

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