Recycling Oil

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Spring can be Greener!

How “do-it-yourselfers” can make a contribution towards a cleaner environment.

Protecting the environment is a hot topic today, but many people are left with the question, “What can I do about it?” One of the key things one can do is to protect the soil and ground water by preventing the spills and mess of at-home oil changes. The second is to take the used oil to a local recycling collection center. Preventing oil spills to protect the ground water in your neighborhood.

Each year in the United States, millions of gallons of used motor oil are being changed by do-it-yourselfers. But, many of them are not aware that oil spills, messes, and improper disposal of oil can lead to major environment pollution. Many individuals who are unfamiliar with the importance of recycling used oil are unconsciously harming the environment by throwing it away with their everyday garbage or emptying their used oil into storm drains. Just one gallon of used oil, that’s (that’s equivalent of less than 16 homeowners spilling one cup of oil) can contaminate 1 million gallons of water. This amounts to a years’ supply of water for 50 people! Source

The LiquiVac Oil Change System is an innovative, new product that makes oil changes fast, easy and clean. The LiquiVac works by creating a powerful vacuum that draws oil right out of the engine and into a plastic holding tank for easy disposal to a recycling center. To extract the oil directly into the LiquiVac holding tank, simply insert the extraction hose through the engine dipstick tube, pump the handle to create the vacuum power, and release the valve. The LiquiVac can extract one quart of oil from an average size lawn mower in less than 14 seconds. The LiquiVac is great for all the small engines such as lawn mowers, tillers, snow throwers, and in larger engines in boats and cars.

Recycle used oil carefully. Used motor oil that is collected by “do-it-yourselfers” is critical to the used oil recycling system. Motor oil has value even after it has been drained from an engine. The oil you take to a collection center will save energy. It can be reprocessed and used in furnaces for heat or in power plants to generate electricity for homes, schools, and businesses. It can also be sent to a refinery that specializes in processing used oil and re-refined into lubricating base oils that can be used to formulate engine oils. The LiquiVac enables homeowners to change their oil without the mess while making it convenient to take used oil to the recycling center.

Many people do not realize the numerous oil recycling places near their homes. Just click on the link below, or call 1-800 CLEANUP. They will provide a list of recycling centers in one’s zip code area. Now anyone can make a difference in keeping our environment clean.

Click the link below to find the nearest place to take used oil to be recycled!>