I like using the LiquiVac because removing the drain plug on my mower made a mess on my driveway. the Liquivac is neat and tidy.
The liquivac has reduced my excuse list for not changing the mower, power washer, wood chipper, etc oil. Now I actually do it instead of wishing I'd do it.
The Liquivac is the easiest way to change oil. I use to have oil all over my garage. The Liquivac is so easy and clean. I love it.
Thank you Liquivac for a quick, clean, easy and environmentally friendly way to change my mower oil.
I'm a senior citizen with severe back problems. I used to lift my mower up onto a workbench and block it up to access the oil drain plug. oil leake onto the bech top and made a mess. LiquiVac has saved my back (and the mess) with it's ingenious, clean and easy to use design. Thank you Liquivac.
Changing oil is now NOT a dreaded activity with messy spills and clean-up. With the number of small engines that I regularly use, Liquivac makes the chore of changing oil much easier, cleaner, and faster. I guess I have no excuses now!
Tom S.,
When I first got LiquiVac, and used it , I know then that changeing the oil in my 2 lawn mowers was going to be OUTSTANDING, now I don't have to turn the lawn mowers on their sides , and git oil all over me and the gress, Thank You. I love it.
Leola Clarry,
My husband asked for the LiquiVac for Father's Day, as it had been recommended by a member of our church. My husband was very pleased at how simple and clean it was to change the oil on the lawnmower. He wishes we would have heard of the LiquiVac years ago.
This is a no brainer: Do it yourself, or pay $30, drop the lawnmower off and maybe get it back in 3 weeks. My neighbors are using mine also.
My wife and kids got me the LiquiVac for fathers day as I have several yard tools and have recently installed a very large house generator. I saw this item at home depot and thought that this would make very easy work for changing the oil in my generator as well as all of my yard tools. Great product, great idea!
Wes, Virginia
The LiquiVac makes changing oil for my wife's car much easier and eliminates me spilling oil all over my garage.
LiquiVac rules. Also good for transmission and differential fluids. Keep the products coming.
Larry Landry,
Using the LiquiVac was simple, easy and a no brainer! As a single mother trying to make sure things continue to run smoothly around the house, this was the best purchase I've made in quite a while.
I spent 28 years in the U.S. Army and never owned a lawn mower. I was very impressed as to how fast and easy it was to change the oil using the LiquiVac. It was actually fun. I love that thing.
My husband it NOT what you would call a handy man. Therefore his poor "ole" rotor tiller had never had the oil changed because he just wasn't sure how to go about it. Well no more, now the oil has been changed in the tiller and everything else around our house that uses oil. Even Mr. Not-So-Handy can do it with no sweat and even finds it fun to do! Thanks for this great tool, and for helping to minimize the nagging at our house!!